This summer, we are sharing photos and stories that reveal what mercy looks like. These are images of mercy, given and received by the Notre Dame family of faith. If you would like to share a photo or a short story, we welcome all contributions. Send photos (full-sized, please, and include a caption of less than 100 words) to Josh Noem, editor of FaithND. We will publish new entries here periodically, and we will also share entries on our social media accounts (Facebook and Twitter). 

As the Father Loves

A collection of images that show what mercy looks like as it is experienced by the Notre Dame family. View photos>

The Year of Mercy

What is a jubilee year and why are we celebrating one dedicated to mercy? Read more>

The Works of Mercy

A resource for how to perform works of corporal and spiritual mercy. Read more>

Works of Mercy as Advocacy

Perform a work of mercy with your phone or computer! Use your advocacy to encourage lawmakers and world leaders to prioritize the poorest among us. Read more>