This fall, we will present stories and reflections based upon the spirituality articulated in the Constitutions of Holy Cross, which govern the community of priests and brothers who founded and continue to animate Notre Dame. If you'd like to contribute a reflection, consider these writing prompts and contact the editor.

The Deaths We Must Die

By Renée Roden ‘14

Grace, I realized, strikes where it will, and none of my frantic attempts to capture it and crystallize it into my own image and likeness would ever amount to anything. Read more>



We Live With Death Behind Us

By Michael Griffin ’93, ’04MDiv, ‘14PhD

“There are really only two ways to live: living with death in front of you or living with death behind you,” my rector explained. “Christians—we live with death behind us.” Read more>


Nothing but Gifts to Offer

By Elizabeth Lent ‘13

So many times along the Camino de Santiago de Compostela I encountered failure, humiliation, anger, pain. But so many more times, God showed me how to embrace these as gifts. Read more>

A Man with Hope to Bring

By Mitch Day ‘12

The tangible symbol in my hand served as a reminder of the pain and sorrow that Mary must have felt for her Son. I imagined her running her hands across the wood of her Son’s crucifix as she suffered with him, and I was comforted. Read more>

We Help Each Other Bear the Darkness

By Laura Kelly Fanucci ‘03

From what I could gather as an eavesdropping child, my brother needed good doctors and good prayers and good company and good food. I figured I could help with at least three of those. Read more>

The Resurrection is a Daily Event

By Anthony J. Oleck ’14, ’16MTS

Any institution can create a winning football program or develop a library with a world-class collection of books. But there is an even simpler (though not easier) endeavor that animates Lou Holtz’s famous words: “If you’ve been to Notre Dame, no explanation is necessary. If you haven’t, no explanation will suffice.” Read more>