This summer, we will bring you reflections on the leisure activities that give us an opportunity to savor life: food, music, films, and roadtrips. If you'd like to contribute a reflection, consider these writing prompts and contact the editor.

The Transcendental Foodie

By Josh Noem '98, '05M.Div.

A great meal with good company can be a transcendent experience—these are moments when we can see through the thin veil that separates the human and the divine. Read more>

Circles of Captivity in 'Captain Phillips'

By Leonard DeLorenzo ’03, ’08, ‘14Ph.D.

From beginning to end, Phillips’s captivity was obvious in this tale. What was not so obvious was who was actually ever free. Read more>

Throwing Carrots

By Mary Beth May ‘14MDiv

Suddenly the car lurched forward as Dad slammed on the brakes—another driver had forced his way into our lane. Dad was furious. To express his anger Dad rolled down his window and began yelling at the other driver. But this was not enough, Dad grabbed a handful of the baby carrots he was eating and began throwing them into the open sun-roof of the other car! Read more>

A Melodious Life

By Patrick Manning ‘07, ‘09M.Ed., ‘11M.T.S.

Maybe this is why music is such a wonderful thing. When we sing and dance and (in the case of people with more talent than myself) play music, we pour out ourselves with an abandon that we may find difficult to match in other moments and areas of our lives. In this light, I think you can appreciate with me St. Augustine's quote, "He who sings prays twice." Read more>