During the Easter season this year, FaithND shares stories about the works of mercy: saints who exemplify works of mercy and people in the Notre Dame family of faith who have witnessed these same works. In this Year of Mercy, we look to the corporal works of mercy as places where we witness dying and rising, where we see the shadow of the cross and the light of the resurrection.

Unlocking Mercy

Last year I was called to the hospital to anoint a woman dying of cancer. The chaplain informed me over the phone while I was still in my office that the patient was also a prisoner. Read more>

Capable of Great Gifts

As a young family on a graduate student budget we have become accustomed to packing our own food for travel. With this in mind, we often try to pack a little bit extra in case we should meet someone in need. Read more>

The Shame of Poverty in Hollywood

“How about we walk through the food shed before you go?” he asked. I began to panic. “But that food is for… poor people." Read more>

Charged with Murder, Clinging to Mercy

When I volunteered with the Catholic ministry at the county jail, I didn’t know what to expect about the men I would interact with. I’ll always remember meeting a man charged with murder, and the way he clung to mercy. Read more>

What 'Inhumane' Looks Like

We were escorted through another gate into the prison itself. Even after months, it is difficult to put into words my initial impressions. I can only describe it as a complete overwhelming of the senses. Read more>

The Way of the Cross Lived Out Before Me

I recalled the faces of the people for whom I’d answered the door that day: the tired mother of many, seeking medicine for one of her children; the wizened old man from the streets with a colorful history, needing a box of food; the new family from Honduras whom we’d welcomed—they hadn’t slept in a bed in weeks. Read more>

A Simple Glass of Water

I have scores of awards and recognitions from six years of providing the utmost in quality hospitality through my first career in the hotel industry. I still practice the skills I honed there, but my experience was recently put to the test by a simple request for a glass of water. Read more>

Craving Love

Ronnie was diagnosed with autism when she was born, and the tag attached to her shoe labeled her as “non-verbal.” She was noted by the rest of her teachers as one of the most difficult to handle in the school because of her constant screaming and self-injurious behavior. I was assigned to mentor Ronnie for the very first day of my summer service placement. Read more>

Sent as a Missionary of Mercy

I leave Rome with a total desire to be a Missionary of Mercy. Please pray for me that God might use me to be the face of mercy of all who come seeking mercy and forgiveness. Read more>

A New and Different Way

Mercy opened a new and different way at an ordinary intersection; mercy transformed three sandwiches into a kind of communion. Read more>

Care for the Sick: St. Andrè Bessette, CSC

St. Andrè Bessette, CSC, was known as the "Miracle Man of Montreal" for the wondrous healings that happened with his intercession; the daughter of a Notre Dame professor cares for him during a progressive and terminal illness. Read these stories here.

Welcome the Stranger: Blessed Teresa of Calcutta

Blessed Teresa of Calcutta heard a call to extend loving care to people who were suffering and unwanted. In an encounter with a person with a disability, a Notre Dame student found that he was the stranger when he was welcomed with a loving gesture. Read these stories here.

Care for the Hungry and Thirsty: Sts. Vincent de Paul and Jane de Chantal

St. Vincent de Paul and St. Jane Frances de Chantal both served the poor in France in the first part of the 17th century. A current Notre Dame student spent part of her summer helping the elderly participate in the Mass. Read their stories here.

Bury the Dead: St. Joanna

St. Joanna buried St. John the Baptist, and was among the women who sought to care for Jesus' body on the morning of his resurrection. As a hospice chaplain, Jaclyn Champagne took on the task of burying a man she barely knew. Read these stories here

Visit the Imprisoned: St. Martin de Porres

St. Martin of Tours attended to African slaves as they arrived in Peru in the 16th century. A Notre Dame alumna visited a prison for Mass on Easter Sunday and is surprised by what she sees in the collection basket. Read these stories here.

Clothe the Naked: St. Martin of Tours

St. Martin of Tours clothed Christ when he shared his cloak with a poor man who was freezing. A Notre Dame student was clothed by a woman in Zambia who showed her mercy. Read these stories here.

The Year of Mercy

What is a jubilee year and why are we celebrating one dedicated to mercy? Read more>

The Works of Mercy

A resource for how to perform works of corporal and spiritual mercy. Read more>