Make an online pilgrimage to the Holy Land! 

We are nearing the end of the Year of Mercy, and a pilgrimage to a holy site is one of the ways the faithful participate in a jubilee year such as this. Pilgrimage is a form of prayer by departing from the ordinary to encounter new ways to live. You may might not have the opportunity to depart from your daily life before this Jubilee Year of Mercy closes on Nov. 20, but you can virtually travel to the Holy Land with this online pilgrimage.

This virtual pilgrimage will take you to the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem, where Jesus was born, and to the Church of the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem, where Jesus was crucified, killed, buried, and raised from the dead. These are the holiest sites of our Christian faith, and they invite us to linger with the history and mystery of what happened there. This online pilgrimage will help you encounter the central mysteries of our faith in a new way.

Introduction: The Holy Land as the "Fifth Gospel"

Church of the Nativity: Place of Jesus' Birth

Church of the Holy Sepulcher: Place of Death and Resurrection

Conclusion: The Places that Anchor Faith, Hope, and Love