Lent is a time to return to God: a time to acknowledge our sinfulness and create habits of the mind and heart that are centered on Jesus Christ. We spend the 40 days of Lent cooperating with God's grace to make way for new life to emerge. It is a time for tilling the soil of our lives, a time of training our hearts so that we can fully embrace the joy of Easter: new and abundant life in God. 

This Lent, we will gather and share stories about conversion here—check back each week for new stories. 

The Sticky Knot of Shame

Forgiving Mom requires me to see her as Jesus does and to embrace her human weaknesses, needs, and sorrows. Forgiving myself will require the same. Read more>

'It was God who Chose You'

The priest who prepared me for Baptism told me, “Remember, you think you chose God, but it was God who chose you!” Indeed, I have had a strong conviction about divine providence ever since those early days. I realize that it was God who had given me the big questions when I was just 14. Read more>

The Person in Front of You

I realized then, rather suddenly, that the people we’re sent to serve are the people in front of us—whoever they are in that moment. The person I’m meant to accompany is the person I am with. It surprised me then as it still does: we can collaborate with God’s grace anywhere and at any time. Read more>

'I Didn't Have that "Aha" Moment'

Twelve years ago I walked away from that retreat intending to leave it all behind me. What I didn’t know then that I know now is that the fire of the Holy Spirit was alive and well inside of me. Read more>

'And a Child Shall Lead Them'

By the time we arrived at the Easter Vigil, there was a certain buzz in the air. During the Baptisms, my station was next to the font—I had a front row seat to the conversions that were happening before my eyes. Read more>