Daily Reflection

Reflection - May 30, 2016

Alec Torigian ’13 M.Ed.
Assistant Director, ACE Teaching Fellows

The parable of the vineyard owner who sends his servants is strikingly similar to a story I know of the parent of a struggling student. Deep within their actions runs a faithful persistence in the face of apparent hopelessness and inevitable pain.

The vineyard owner can clearly see that each servant is being met with violence, but the owner continues faithfully sending them in hope. He even sends his own son, knowing that he is always in control of the vineyard.

A passionate and loving mother once told me about her middle-school son in a conference. She pointed out to him that he automatically had two strikes against him in life: his skin color and his family’s economic situation. His own third-grade teacher told him that he could not learn and was bound to be another statistic for his demographic. With angry tears, this mother continued telling me all of the struggles and inequities her boy faced throughout his schooling as he struggled with mild learning disorders and severely shaken confidence.

Through it all, like the vineyard owner, she kept sending him. With different schools and different teachers, the results seemed unchanged, but she kept sending him and will keep sending him with hope and full confidence that he possesses that unseen potential that will make it all worthwhile. This mother knows that Jesus is the cornerstone, and that her son is destined to be used alongside the cornerstone in the construction of the kingdom of God, no matter how many times he might be rejected.

May we imitate the faithful persistence of the vineyard owner and the faithful mother today. Even in the face of rejection, may we place Jesus as the cornerstone of our lives.