Request Grotto Prayer

Request Grotto Prayer

Grotto at Notre DameThe Grotto is one of the most sacred places of prayer on Notre Dame’s campus. At all times of the day and night, students, faculty, staff, alumni, and visitors make their way to the Grotto for quiet reflection and prayer. Class Masses are held here during Reunion, the Rosary is said daily, the Freshman Class has its “first trip to the Grotto” in the fall, and the Senior Class has its “last trip” in the spring. It is holy ground dedicated to Mary, the Mother of our Lord.

For 33 years, until her death in 1995, Clara Clements dedicated her life to fulfilling prayer requests and lighting candles at the Grotto for people who were unable to do so in person. The Notre Dame Alumni Association’s Prayer Team continues this blessed ministry by following in Clara’s footsteps.  

We welcome you to submit a prayer for yourself or on behalf of others. Your prayer will be prayed and a candle lit within a week of your submission.

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An Answered Prayer:

I want to share my story of the Grotto -- I was at Notre Dame for a conference for Campus Ministers and high school religious education department chairs. At the time my son was going through a difficult time. An alum suggested I visit the Grotto -- I did, and did for all the days of my stay. Within a day my prayers were answered and my son got the job he was seeking. Since then the Grotto has a special place in my heart. 

--Kathy Sylvester