Explore the Holy Land


FaithND invites you to explore the Holy Land virtually as a way to enhance your reading of the daily Gospel and come to know Jesus more deeply. In the spring of 2016, a group of pilgrims from Notre Dame traveled to the Holy Land, and FaithND’s editor, Josh Noem ’98, ‘05M.Div., went along to record sights, sounds, and insights from the sacred sites. You can encounter the Holy Land through these writings, photos, and videos in two ways:

Learn about the settings in which the Gospel accounts take place in our Holy Land "location reports." New posts will appear here throughout 2017 as we encounter new locations in the lectionary for daily readings.

The most important locations—where Jesus was born, died, buried, and resurrected—invite us to linger with the history and mystery of what happened there. We've captured these locations in a “virtual pilgrimage” as a way for FaithND readers to encounter the central mysteries of our faith in a new way. 

Make an online virtual pilgrimage here.

Explore some of the locations where the Gospel stories took place here.