Pray with Today's Saint

St. Thalelaeus


St. Thalelaeus lived in present-day Turkey in the fifth century. He lived in a small hut that was near a pagan shrine where people came to sacrifice regularly. The pagan priests tried to scare him away, but he stood his ground and converted many who came to the shrine to worship.

He was said to have lived in a barrel for a number of years as a sign of repentance, and to encourage others to turn from their sin.

He lived as a hermit for 60 years, and was known to weep constantly. In fact, he was given the name, “Epiklautos,” which means “weeping much.” He told those who visited him that time was a gift from God for us to use to repent, “and woe be to us if we neglect it.”

St. Thalelaeus, who wept in repentance and converted many with his life of faithfulness, pray for us!