Daily Reflection

Reflection - December 1, 2015

Mark Zeese ‘88
Business Processes Program Manager
Controller’s Office, University of Notre Dame

Today’s Gospel makes me consider my daily prayer life. I sometimes become frustrated with prayer. Am I obtaining a certain goal, a certain quality, and a certain level of achievement? Is my prayer clicking? Did I nail it? Am I a better person at prayer today than I was yesterday? I think I am getting better.

No, scratch that last sentence. I am allowing myself to just pray. I no longer evaluate my prayer.

Perhaps the things Luke writes of are not really hidden from the wise and intelligent—perhaps the wise miss what is hidden because they try to logically understand all things. In my daily work, I see facts, analyze these facts, and provide answers. I have reasons and explanations for all that I do. The same application of reasoning and logic to my prayer life with God would prevent me from ever completely knowing God. God’s love would remain hidden from me because it is not something that can be quantified and explained—it is a mystery that is much bigger than me.

Luke writes of the wise and intelligent in this Gospel who at times felt frustration and doubt at not being able to figure out and explain all of the ways of the Father. We all run into this same wall when we try to make God fit into our understanding. Jesus calls us to something much simpler: if we cling to him with child-like trust, we will come to know the Father.

Prayer is simply opening ourselves to God’s presence in the way a child runs towards a loving parent. Like a child, with simple innocence, acceptance, and open-mindedness, we can see the truth as it is revealed to us, and experience the love of God.

By not trying to perfect prayer, by just being open-minded and listening to God, we will find the love of the Father and the Son. The more we experience the mystery of this love, the more we will be able to share this love with all who are around us.