Daily Reflection

Reflection - September 18, 2014

Gifts—most everyone enjoys receiving them and often there can be even more pleasure in giving them. What is the greatest gift you have ever received or the most expensive? Why were you given it? What is the most extravagant gift you have ever given someone? Why did you give the gift?

These are questions that we can ask ourselves in reference to our relationships with God and those around us. What gifts do we give to others as we try to live our lives according to God’s law and Jesus’ example? Do we offer love unconditionally? Do we give our time to listen to those around us and really try to understand what their needs may be?

Do we willingly accept God’s gift of love for us? What barriers exist that prevent us from receiving that love? Perhaps our pride gets in the way, or the sense that we do not have the same depth of sin as others around us.

Both characters in this Gospel reading have sinned and stand in need of forgiveness. The woman is described as such in the opening passage, but what about Simon? Was he perfect? The two behave very differently in the presence of Jesus.

God’s greatest gift to us is unconditional love and forgiveness. The woman in the story yearns for this love and forgiveness from Jesus. Her actions are motivated by a spirit of humility and heartfelt repentance for her past. Would we be as willing to expose ourselves to Jesus as she was? What would it be like to ask the Lord to overwhelm us with his love?

Each time we come to the cross through the sacraments we can rediscover this love. Let us work and pray that each day we can be worthy to give and receive of this great gift.

Shelly Zabukovic
Community-Based Learning Coordinator
Center for Social Concerns

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