Daily Reflection

Reflection - July 20, 2017

George Love ‘88

Much of Jesus’s teaching emphasizes the need to take up the burdens of our crosses to follow him, so I have always found this Gospel refreshing—today we hear of an easy yoke and a light burden.
In the passage just before this one, Jesus exalts God because he has hidden truth from the “wise and learned” but revealed it to the childlike. The wise and learned in Jesus’s time were the Scribes, who imposed heavy burdens on people with their intricate interpretations of the law.

Jesus seems to be saying, then, that we need not be burdened by such intricacies, but only need to worry about one thing: trusting in him. If we give ourselves completely over to him, if we live in him, then the yoke truly will be easy and the burden light, for we will achieve union with God and we will be happy to do God’s will instead of ours.

Yet, in today’s culture, it is not so easy to achieve this union with God. We are bombarded by people and images that want to turn us not toward Jesus, but away from him. We live in a culture that tells us we should always be ourselves, follow our own will. Jesus will not force himself on us. We must make the effort of will to go to him. 
In his mercy, Jesus has given us the great gift of his Church, forever guided by the Holy Spirit, and all its Sacraments, as aids to finding grace and ultimate unity with him. Let us be thankful for these gifts and make use of them the way Jesus would intend so that we may find the easy yoke and the light burden.