To complement our Lenten Art Journey, we will spend the Easter season and beyond exploring images of the Resurrection--both in artwork and the human experience. Each week we will share a new story here.



Student Images of Resurrection

We asked students in the Saints and Scholars summer youth program from Holy Cross College to create some writing or images that reveal the resurrection active in our lives. Here is what two of them produced. See more>


The A-Bomb and the Cherry Blossom

Is resurrection inevitable? Is it faith to wait and hope for best? What can the people of Hiroshima teach us about practicing resurrection? Read more>>



There'll Come a Time, You'll See

With Mumford and Sons, we stand with Mary Magdalene outside the tomb and recognize the Risen One when he speaks our name: “I will hold on hope… I’ll know my name as it’s called again.” Read more>>



Bring Your Confusion

The news cycle pushes us into a cynical, difficult, dark view of the world, and sometimes it feels far-fetched to let the mystery and beauty of Jesus’ gift break through into our daily lives. And yet, let it in we must. Read more>>



The Calling of St. Matthew

I wonder what thoughts flashed through Matthew’s mind in the moments before his death. I like to think that his mind flashed to his first encounter with Jesus, a scene depicted in Caravaggio's painting, The Calling of St. Matthew. Read more>>



Cloud of Witnesses

Mr. W. paused here, trying to collect himself. He wiped his tears away, and looked at me. “I think…I think they were praying for me. Do you think that’s true? That they were there to pray for me?” Read more>


Unity in Form and Fire

A peculiar similarity appears in the lower half of the composition: a disciple reaches across the table to take the space of someone opposite him. Is this merely a coincidence? Read more>