Dolly Duffy, executive director of the Notre Dame Alumni Association, shares a light moment with a child at a recent service project.

The University's Center for Social Concerns is one of many examples of this kind of service to the world — it offers community-based research and service inspired by Gospel values and the Catholic social tradition. Nearly 80% of undergraduates participate in community service, and alumni and students work together in summer service internships here and abroad. Service on behalf of justice is a rich tradition at Notre Dame.

Notre Dame also serves the Church in myriad ways. The Department of Theology educates theologians and ministers. The Institute for Church Life provides training and service that renew the traditions of the Church. The Alliance for Catholic Education (ACE) sustains, strengthens, and transforms Catholic schools. Service to the Church is a rich tradition at Notre Dame.

This section of FaithND invites you to learn more about the Catholic social tradition and highlights the ways the Notre Dame community supports the life of the Church.