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"Even though ALS is a tremendous test of faith, as is any difficult journey like that, I would say it strengthened my faith.."


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Gospel Reflection

Maggie (Schmid) Steiss ’16, ’18 M.Ed., ’22 M.A. Educational Leadership

I have been a third-grade teacher at a Catholic school for six years. To have a successful day with 27 eight-year-olds, I have to do a lot of planning. When today’s gospel says, “do not worry about how or what your defense will be or about what you are to say,” my initial reaction is to think Christ isn’t talking to teachers.

For every day of the school year, I must plan instruction, create activities to engage students, and monitor their understanding. In addition, we celebrate birthdays, holidays, and learn about each other to grow as a community. All of this takes deliberate thought and preparation.

At the same time, I recognize there are situations that I cannot anticipate—like how to respond to a tragedy or provide an answer to a difficult personal question. In these moments, I often doubt if my words and actions are beneficial.

On second consideration, maybe Jesus’ words from this gospel do include teachers.

Jesus says, “do not worry” because as long as we acknowledge God, God will acknowledge us. However, the nearly involuntary urge as a teacher to try to plan for everything is strong. I have to remind myself that the driving force behind my actions—my centeredness on God and trust in the Holy Spirit’s guidance—is the most important thing I can incorporate into my lesson plan.

Today’s psalm reads, “The Lord remembers his covenant forever.” This sacred promise not only reminds us of God’s unconditional love for his people but also invites us to acknowledge our role in our relationship with him. Tying in beautifully with today’s gospel, it invites us to ask: “What in my life acknowledges God? What in my life denies God?”

Knowing that God fully loves and guides us, may we continue to center ourselves on Christ and trust in the Holy Spirit’s guidance when we face challenges both in and out of the classroom.

Saint of the Day

St. Margaret Mary Alacoque, whose own heart burned with love for Jesus’ Sacred Heart—pray for us!